As a multi-disciplinary artist, I find it difficult to ground myself to just one medium. This year I have been exploring graphic design and acrylic painting as my primary mediums because they are vastly different. One is malleable and can always be manipulated, while the other completely fixed to a surface and unmovable. The pieces I have created meld these two mediums together to create three black-and-white poster acrylic paintings that show abstracted human forms, one manipulated with a sponge texture, one with various pairs of scissors, and one with potted growing flowers.
          My process starts by designing the poster I want to paint on Photoshop. Once it’s finished, I begin to fill the canvas layer-by-layer. Ultimately, I’m emulating the layered look and techniques able to be achieved with Photoshop; utilizing blending modes and typography as a vessel for my journal entries. Through these abstracted human figures, I am exploring how the internal world is reflected externally and dealing with mental health and interpersonal relationships. The first dissects how I feel I absorb the energy of everyone around me and how that reflects outwardly. Playing off this, my second piece is about shedding and cutting things away that no longer serve you. Finally, the third represents healing and regrowth after this pain has subsided. These pieces showcase a catch and release of energy in my life and being honest with myself about when I need to let things go and move on. 
          My work is confrontational so other people can read these messages and compare it to how they feel about their own lives. With this piece specifically, I want the viewer be brutally honest with themselves about if there is something or someone they have become attached to that they might need to shed away. I am aiming for people to be open minded and foster a perspective that’s willing to grow.
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