Although the style and mediums of my works are fluid and constantly shifting, the themes of my work have remained consistent. I find solace in exploring how one’s internal world is reflected externally and how this impacts our everyday life and relationships. In our current social climate, I find it is seemingly taboo to be vulnerable with each other about our thoughts and emotions, and there can be a lot of shame that comes with it. Through a plethora of mediums, I’m approaching these topics with a compassionate lens to inspire others to be empathetic and kind, towards not only themselves but other people as well. I’m interested in exploring why our emotions and mental space make us behave the way we do, because I am constantly observing and taking inventory of my own.
As a multidisciplinary artist, I’m exploring a wide array of mediums such as photography, graphic design, collage, painting, and drawing/illustration. Through these mediums, I like to juice up the saturation and contrast to grab the viewers full attention with a punchy palette. The fragmentation of my work in combination with a saturated palette, aids in conveying temperament of each piece. The temperament of a given piece is mostly dependent upon my own mental space at the time that I create it. This is to make it feel the most authentic, whether it’s a positive or negative headspace at the time. In combination with retro and grungy aesthetics that have consistently remained a part of my life, I hope these works communicate and bring the audience a certain nostalgia that encourages them to observe their own mental and emotional capacity and wellbeing. The incorporation of these aesthetics points to the sense of discarded, second-hand, but pre-loved nature of retro and vintage items, in-combination with the disenfranchisement of grunge in the 90s; both are styles we are seeing a resurgence of today, except with different attachments and purpose. As someone who has struggled at points with agoraphobia and social anxiety, I want my own vulnerability to inspire others to be vulnerable with themselves and other people in their life. My work strives to be confrontational and encouraging to ensure everyone is true to themselves and the things they desire in this life.
Photo taken by mira rani art
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